Thursday, 18 March 2010

My Meaning.

Okay, so honestly I'm not really sure what my meaning here is. I have attempted to strike up questions such as 'who lives here?' and keep the mind wondering. Instead of just looking at the photograph and going 'hmmmm'. In the last image you find out who lives there, but then how do you know that she is definitly the owner?

It's just a piece of wood, so what is stopping our curiosity from stepping in? What lies behind it? What has gone on in there? Does it resemble my home?

Doors, gates and walls give us privacy. They act as a barrier. I have tried to show that though aesthetically they are nice, horrible things may have gone on in there. So is privacy always a good thing?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Doors

Port Isaac.
Okay, so I must admit I didn't really know whether I liked this image at first. Sometimes you just need a few people to say 'yeah, I like it' before you can make your mind up about it. The thing that made me wonder was the shadow on the door. It might have even been the light on the door, either way I kinda wish it was either completely in light, or just in shadow. Not half split through the middle. I also thought this while I was taking it, but I took it anyway. I'm glad I did because, like I said, it's grown on me. I think the main thing in this series of images is the colour blue. Boring, but true. And that ryhme wasn't intentional. Anyway, yeah I really like the contrast of the blue and white. It makes it look quite Greek actually. And the leading lines leading out of the photo, through either the black banister or the road round the corner.

It's All Gone Down The Drain

Port Isaac.
What really drew me in to take this image was the contrast of the blue and white. I'm used to seeing black drains, not nice ones like these. I was also quite lucky with the sky being so blue and not having any clouds in the way. The colour runs straight from the sky all the way down the drain, from the top of the image to the bottom. The oddly sized windows give it character too. Because it's in the middle you are immediately drawn to the bigger window, completely disregarding the smaller windows existance.

The Gate

Port Isaac.
This was the only image I was originally happy with. I really liked the interesting angle and the really straight lines. There are no circles, there are either straight or diagonal lines. Also, you have the blue and white again which I think go very well together. Port Isaac is a little fishing village not too far from me and I decided to go there precisely because of colours painted on the windows and doors. I can't go back to St. Ives because I won't have the time and I can't take photographs of Camelford because to be perfectly honest, it's a bit of a dump. So Port Isaac was the wise choice. You can tell that these three photographs have been taken at different times than the other three but this doesn't really stand out in a bad way. It flows quite well considering.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

House On The Corner

St. Ives.
I think the main thing I like about this image is the fact that you can't see the roof. It's cut off. And as the rule of thirds go, the dark blue door was my main focus, hence why it's in the centre. I also made sure to emphasize that this house was on the corner by including the street behind.

One Door To The Next

St. Ives.
I haven't actually edited any of my images so far. I could get rid of the black mark in the left hand corner or alternatively duplicate it and put it in each corner. But I kinda like the fact that I haven't edited it. I still think it's a good image. I like the colours, the angle and more importantly what the photo is actually of.

Back From A Walk

St. Ives.
I was just wondering the streets of St. Ives when I noticed this lady walking all these dogs. And at that precise moment she turned the corner and began unlocking a door. Camera in hand I quickly snapped this shot as I too walked by. I like the colours and the dogs. Pretty simple, but if one was missing then it wouldn't be such an interesting photograph.