Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Doors

Port Isaac.
Okay, so I must admit I didn't really know whether I liked this image at first. Sometimes you just need a few people to say 'yeah, I like it' before you can make your mind up about it. The thing that made me wonder was the shadow on the door. It might have even been the light on the door, either way I kinda wish it was either completely in light, or just in shadow. Not half split through the middle. I also thought this while I was taking it, but I took it anyway. I'm glad I did because, like I said, it's grown on me. I think the main thing in this series of images is the colour blue. Boring, but true. And that ryhme wasn't intentional. Anyway, yeah I really like the contrast of the blue and white. It makes it look quite Greek actually. And the leading lines leading out of the photo, through either the black banister or the road round the corner.

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